I don't spend too much time on the Social Media sites because for me, it sucks up too much valuable time but....it has been fun re connecting with friends from long ago...like grade school! Like BK said on the call today, the Social Networks are great to :

Strengthen relationships with existing friends
Re Connect with old friends
Make New friends

But they are not intended for, nor should they be used for flagrant marketing. He gave the analogy of going to a party and 'pitching' each small cluster of conversations with your opp/product. Prob not a good idea ;)

Until next time...


Crush It

I read the portion that BK sent out on Gary Vaynerchuck book CRUSH IT. Excellent content. SO true, SO needed to be heard by SO many.

Bottom line: There really are NO FREE lunches! :)

Personally, I love hearing the same 'mantra' that we've been trying to teach our VEMMA MLM/Networking teams for years...and love hearing it from someone OUTSIDE our industry. Just gives it that much more credence. Gives what more credence?

There really are no free lunches!

(but if you're living in your making, you'll make a great living AND ENJOY IT! )

till next time.


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